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WHITE SKULL : Viking's Tomb lyrics

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WHITE SKULL lyrics : "Viking's Tomb"


Will I step out from this dark world

And awake to life
And hardly fight until the Valkyrs came
And I've seen bleeding warriors falling down

And I wish to be one of the choosen slain
Suddently the world turns grey
Death's like a cold embrace

Icy drop in my face
Suddently the war is out
They've fought it day by day

On the floor they have found
The Viking's body laying
And all the knights have tried the warriors to revive

Sad hearted they prepare
The King's funeral pyre
The fire is burning high

Sea and sky on fire
Valhalla's open gates
Are waiting for the Brave

And all the knights draw near
They wanna say goodbye
Thru' Gods he will enjoy the eternal life

Oh Oh

See, see the drakkar sails alone
Now it has become the

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