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WESTSIDE CONNECTION lyrics : "the gangsta, the killa and the dope dealer"

Intro: Ice Cube

Living in a California cage, ya'll trying to study me

Gangbangin' a never die, it's too much love
You always gonna get ^!$$%s like us, you know what I mean
Got damn, how many more motherf**kin' penatentaries ya'll gonna build

How many jars you gonna try to put us in
You know what I'm saying

Can't none of ya'll ^!$$%s f**k with none of these ^!$$%s
These triggas we's killas
Sittin' on the porch in between legs

Leave 'em til they matted forearm tatted
Wit a (*##$ French braiding my head
What's the Connection (*##$ you looking at it

It don't stop
And it's gonna take a miracle
I hit mo' licks than it takes to get to the center of a blow pop

To drive a car this color down Imperial

Yeah, I got heart but ain't trying to see Marcia Clark

Who's that dumpin' out that window hoo riding

nobody survives when I got my steel up
Throwing my %#@! up pulling the trigga what the
f**k you looking at ^!$$% true blue

When I bust leaving bodies hanging like the tongue
on my chucks chalk another one
Homicidal in the G ride

letting 'em have it
I swear I'm killing every ^!$$% standing outside
With my double barrel sawed off I'm smoking

everybody ^!$$% (*##$es and all stretch 'em

eyes big as golf balls from the funny cigarette
Out in broad daylight muthaf**k the witnesses
as the sun frowns on my forehead

man bringing more bad news than shlepp rock
I sweat murder which makes me a walking dead
when I bust shots

W.C. keep the hammer @@#!ed...

Well, it's the ^!$$% that's housin' the scene

I got pounds of green and birds sittin' on the triple beams

double decker, marble floors all checkered

Now what can I say every (*##$ I lay be pure and
I put it down on and off the record my flats a
I make more deliveries than the postman

bombay like Peruvian yae
So I brag and I boast man I got the most, man
My homie Carlito plug me with the amigos an

now it's kilos five and six double zeros
Now what's next I'm stuck like a Kotex
blindin' ^!$$%s with the buggas in my Rolex

With my aces o-t on a regular basis
we got pauveted faces fightin' federal cases
cause ain't nothin' reala' than ^!$$%s gettin' they scrilla

like a gangsta, a killa
But Mack I'll be the dope deala

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