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WESTSIDE CONNECTION lyrics : "so many rappers in love"

Aquarius, hahahaha, and my name is Larry

Theres so many rappers in love
On the radio

Theres so many fake $$# thugs
On the radio

Lisin up mothaf**kas
This is Mack one o, to all these ^!$$%s on the radio simpin to these hoes

What happened to the thugs, drugs and G hits
Talkin all the soft %#@! just to please a BiZ-Nitch

And some of all is street and know the gangsta mode
Its like this, f**k a (*##$

And thats the G code
We used to sell raw kill and give toe tag
Now ever since 9-1-1 rappers waving white flags

But me i keeps it gutter, just like before
Imma warrior so i stay prepared for war
Aint nuttin wrong wit spoilen a (*##$, especially if u got it

Her suckin you, u f**kin her
Gettin freaky and earotic
But if it aint ruff, it aint me

And i refuse to turn R-A-P, in R

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