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WESTSIDE CONNECTION lyrics : "pimp the system"

Hold on let me see what this daddy here
Ok this the (*##$ here right now you know what i'm saying
Hey (*##$, what's happening

Yea (*##$, yea yea (*##$ I told you, I told you were gonna get it
I told you you were gonna be able to get it
Don't you worry about it

I already know what you trying to say (*##$
Yea (*##$ yea (*##$ only thing you do (*##$ is just go to work
Had on my bussines, get my money and don't get me no problems

And everything gonna be alright
(Whooa, pimp the system)
Because it ain't easy man

It may look glamour to you cause you see me ridin'
Snake skin down to the floor you hear
Platinum shoes and more

Diamonds on fingers and watches on arms
I'm telling you it may look easy baby
But you gonna have to work hard

To get to this point
See you at the top

I never pimp a ho, ^!$$% pimp a CEO
Be my He-e-ro, make me mad as ze-e-ro

Im that ne-e-gro making it like itchy-ro
Ain't got time for no bow $$# (*##$y ho

Go to G-e-sale f**kin with them e-e-mails
I'd rather get my %#@! wide ^!$$% e-e-mail

F**k a sex slavior make what I just made
That (*##$ had to sell her #~!!@ for a decade
And that's too much time for the brainy one

I'm on a daily run
To crack your cranium
Wrap uranium

Ain't nothin else
I pimp the system
(*##$ break yourself

If they got scrilla
Then I'm gorilla
If they figure

I'm a killa
Cause I'm a ^!$$%
Your prostitutes wear high heeled boots

My prostitutes wear three piece suits
Count your money ^!$$%

Pimp the system cause the game is grossing
Everyone listen to what we're proposing

Quit the quickn

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