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WESTSIDE CONNECTION lyrics : "king of the hill"

Tha Next Muthaf**kaz Go By Tha Name Of Cypress Hill ( K All Day )
Ice Cube:

Every Few Yearz Nigguz Think They can Deal Wit Tha Real, Now I Gotz
To F**k Cypress Hill I Got A Vocie You Can Fell, I Drink A Beer And
Bust A Rap And Thatz Tha End Of Ya Carrer, You F**kin (*##$ez Never

My Tec, I Got Em Soon As I Spot Them I'm Dumpin Gotz To Treat
These (*##$ Azz ^!$$%z Like They Stole Some Thing, I See You Wit A
Seen A Hood High Powered Like Tha West Side Connection Slide Though

Joint, You Must Be Smokin That %#@! To Much Got ya (*##$ Azz
Like He Got Baby Nutz, I Don't Know Why You Think Ya Slick, I Don't
Touched, Sen Dogg You can't Rap From Tha Gutz And B Real Soundin

Know What Rapper Down Wit ya Click, I Don't Know 1 (*##$ On Ya
Dick, And i Don't Know 1 ^!$$% Bumpin Ya %#@!. I Here You Clamin
South Central But Y'all Hoez From South Gate, Comin Wit A Vocie

High Pitched B Real Ain't Nuttin But A (*##$

Mack 10:

We'll Itz Tha Hip-hop Hippy Startin %#@!, Now I'm Rollin up Cypress
Pull Over And Let me Out And Let me Show Thiz White Boy What That
Slugz Up hey, Yo Back Up Q-Ball We Passed That (*##$ Muggs Up,

Hill Lettin Then ^!$$%s Have It, Got These Wanna B Thugs Up Load My
Westside Connection Like. Boo Ya Boo Ya From Tha Gaude Has I Split
Them. Tha Buck Shotz Spray And Make The Lay As I hit Them ( Uhhh ).

1 Down 2 To Go Hand Me Tha Fo' Fo' Let Me Get My Ride On Get My
Biiiiiitch! ) You Should Have Known You Can't C A Real Hog, Coz
Murder On, B Real Wish He Could Be Me Coz He Know He Can't C Me (

I'm A Real Dogg, You Bustaz Wanna C Me But You Bustaz Can't Coz I'm

To Kiss Me, Now What Gave Ya (*##$ $$# A Nuff Heart To Diss Me? Ya
ACE Homie Wit Americaz Most, ^!$$% Miss Me I'm Used To A Hoe Tryin
Gonna Come Up Missin And Sen Dogg So Wack He Ain't Even Worth

Luv My Heat And A Dub, F**k Rappin F**k Fighting I Make A Bloody
Diss'in, ( hahaha ), You ^!$$%s Need To Listen, On Every Thing I
Coz i'm Tha King Of Tha Hill!

Glove, Itz One O And Fo' Sho' Kill You #[email protected] Can't Touch My Skill,

Ice Cube:

Every Body In Ghetto Know What Your Doin, 1 White Boy And 2 F**kin
Cubins Clamin That Your Locco But You Ain't Mexican,F**kin Wit Tha
Hoggs, You Say You Bloodz, But You Wish You Were A Dogg Fool. Go On

Tour And Only Rap To Tha Yupies Meet A Big Fish And i'll Make A
Dish Out You F**kin Guppies, So Who Y'all Wit? ^!$$%z Down Wit
Cypress Can Wipe This %#@! Off My Dick, Has I Stick It Like King

Kong And Ping Pong Wit Thiz Fake Azz Chese And Cong, Did You Tell
Ya Momma That I Had To Help ya When Sen Dogg Left Ya (*##$ Azz. a
Steal. Now What You hip-hop Hippys U F**kin Junkies And Thinkin Ya

Say That I Took Ya Hook? It Must be Tha White Boy Think All ^!$$%s
Enuff Steal, To Deal Wit
Gonna Punk Me And Chill And Deal Wit Tha Fact That You Ain't Got

Mack 10: Ice Cube Could You Pass Me Tha Steal, ( Ice Cube ) For

Real? ( Mack 10) I'm Tha King Of Tha Hill (4x

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