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WESTSIDE CONNECTION lyrics : "hoo-bangin' (wscg style)"


Hoo-Bangin' on the transformers
These trick-ass ^!$$%s quick to tuck they tail
But f**k that... you know how we git...

(Can't get enough of this gangsta %#@!!)

It's the don go let'em know
Unwettable, ahh.. big fish incredible

Hoo-Bangin' on the white collars got a pile of dollars
Still rollin' Impalas
I'm bombin' on Common Sense

Chicago is mine ^!$$% hit the fence
Intense kingpin ^!$$% worldwide
And I bring sin when I wanna hoo-ride

Who died and who applied the pressure
Show me 3 ^!$$%s that's fresher
Westside Connect Gang oh yeah we talkin' %#@!

^!$$% do you know who you f**kin' wit?

Ice Cube is the lick Westside is the click

(Can't get enough of this gangsta %#@!!)

It's Mack 10 fool that ^!$$% with heaters
Gauges revolvers techs and millimeters
You know how we hoo-ride when we collide

^!$$%s run but they can't hide
Cause its world wide (Inglewooooooooooood!!)
I'm jackin' and lickin ^!$$%s thats straight trippin'

Square $$# ^!$$%s can't tell a ounce from a chicken
I fill you full of lead and I take you Big heads
So ^!$$% watch how ya talkin' I'm still chicken hawkin

So hit the deck punk don't move my tech is bigger
And you'll be dead if I pull this trigger
So where the safe at I want the loot and the cavey

Yo money or yo life so punk act like you savey

Mack 10 is the lick Westside is the click
(Can't get enough of this gangsta %#@!!)

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