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WESTSIDE CONNECTION lyrics : "do you like criminals"

Say hoe I got way more dick than them ^!$$%s rolling your lexos
No punk $$# Versace gear just the ^!$$% with the triple 1 braids in his beard

Like you got a ^!$$% resembling Donnie Simpson
Quick to get the #~!!@ dripping so quit tripping
Hoe I'm from the wild wild west f**k them preppy ^!$$%s

You need to get with this malt
Liqour sipper picture me simpin over ya never
Baby face ^!$$% (*##$ you better be glad

How ya figure I'll be crying over yo $$# like a
I got 3 strikes because back in '85
I'd been done gave your $$# a black eye

See I been waving at your $$# all week but all
You do is roll your eyes like your %#@! don't stink
Because i can tell from the tattoos you's a high class hood rat

So now it's time for a ^!$$% clown your $$#
But hoe i bet for the dough
You quick to jack that $$# like a 4

Don't want to f**k with ^!$$%s in khakis
So quit fronting on a ^!$$% and lick these and (*##$
hit the road with your f**ked up weave.......

(Ice Cube)

How would you like to get a ^!$$% rugged and raw
Outlaw rollin' down the shaw
Don't you want a mothaf**ka that's hard

Or a (*##$-made cute as El Debarge?
Do you like negros?
Individuals called criminals?

Him and those?
How'd you figure a West Coast ^!$$%
Drinking liquor got to know how to dig you

When we dated straight fade it
Penetrated, Ms. sasfisacated
Never met a ^!$$% quite as fly as me

No daddy hate it
All bottled up in your high society
Cause how could a ^!$$% from South Central rollin' in a Benzo

You want to chech my mental
Spice in ya life is what you need you intreigued by the smell of my weed
I represent reality in your world full of lies

And i can see it in your eyes
You worried sick and I'm chillin' (Westside)
Tell your family to f**k off and roll with this villian

Do you like negros, him and those, individuals called criminals?(2x)

(Mack 10)
Who wanna f**k wit it I put it down for real tho

It's Mack 10 and let you ^!$$%s know I'm gun ho
With hunnit spode tonas on my front and back
Baby i guess maybe i can get with your program

Broham hit a lick or two make your whole life a thriller
Make you wanna shake the nerd and come ride with a killa
Hot as sauce out the floss no need to be discreet

I swing the f**k out this (*##$ til my bumper touch the street

On switches and I'm workin jerkin hot ya ^!$$% smirkin
Jack the $$# up and down til my back wheels is chirpin
You need to be with me (*##$ you too f**king bombay

To be on the Shaw with a ^!$$% with a Hyundai
I take you through my neighborgood raise where crime pays
No girbauds no fades just cacky's and French braids

And my friends is ^!$$%s that know what ends is
In high-top Chucks pushin V-12 Benz'
With hoochy hoes groopy hoes

So shake him now no need of waitin of debatin
You know those with a gang of money lolo' and penitintiary fo do's
Slam the door on them five stars and hop on these Daytons


Dee, dee, dee, daddi, daddi, dee, dee, daddi day
I come from the crew I thought you knew we don't play
I see your frowning but I'm clownin' anyway
Can't nobody fade K-Dee baby, baby
But can you have you have dick up in them guts all the way to

These nuts
I know you're Catholic
Your a rich girl far from skeezer
I'm playing at the mall with your Visa
(When the West is in the houseoh my God! danger)

You wanna swang with K-Swinger
But take a hit you'll live
But when you hit it hoe you got to puff, puff give
Now i see you giggling
But all I wanna see is $$# wiggling and !@%$ jiggling

Don't go chasing waterfalls
Stick to them dicks and balls your use to
So what you wanna do?
Go ahead and take a big lick
My dick

Cause girls look so good on the end of
That right is it tight?
I know you ain't a dike
What type of ^!$$% do you like?


(chorus II)
(*##$ I'm from the wild, wild west
Can't you tell buy the "S" on my chest
We got hoes for days
Plus we claiming no stress no mothaf**kin' dress


(chorus II)

Do you like criminals

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