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WESTSIDE CONNECTION lyrics : "cross 'em out and put a 'k"


In about four seconds,a gangsta will begin to speak


Well it's the mad chickenhawk with the dirty lick style
There's ten million ways to die
And pullin 211's ever since TAA-DOOW

Choosin Mack and hit the boopin floosin
Off this gang-bang music
So all I'd wanna got the room stumped

I'm smokin,make dough like Trump
Cookin ??? to they chunk,punk!
Straight off dust,^!$$% trust I bust

And cross em out and put a'K if they ain't down with us

It's off the hook,^!$$%,I'm a Westside crook,^!$$%

The forty motherf**kin dollars on my books,^!$$%
I'm not an MC,I'm not a G
I mean I'm A-to f**kin-Z and everything in between

And my hood ain't never dodgin bullets
Rappers like gangbangin cos I'm in it to the fullest
It's all about the Bloods and Crips,no one tri-ips

Colours and dips,(*##$es and chips,^!$$%!


What's this my ??? low-grader system
^!$$% be dissin on a down low
That takes puff B-I-itches on the premises

So now my motto's:"F**k every rapper from the East and the West Coast"
New School,Old School,I hate you motherf**kers
Cross em out and put a'K

I'm steady plottin,cracklin my $$# wit'cha album covers
Then no Saint days,^!$$%,then run the f**kin holidays
*Chorus : Ice Cube, Mack 10, WC*

'Ey! I Cross 'Em Out and Put a 'K!

^!$$%! To South Central L.A.!


!@%& ^!$$%!This %#@! make me sick
All these West Coast cowards ridin New York beat(Brrgh!)
And Cango's backwards with dark-ass shades

Busters get sprayed wearin high-top fades
No switchblades,^!$$%,we shoots
That's how it is on the West when you're true to your roots

So kill the action,punk,hootchie (*##$es clown
^!$$% get your sag on and keep your pants legs down

Check it!Ho shut your mouth and get naked!
I'm Connected and ain't no (*##$es singin on this record
No R&B tracks,just ^!$$%s on wax

Kickin facts with these gang-bang raps
Every ^!$$% in the industry wanna rap with me

Like it's all good,you ain't from my hood
^!$$%,I don't even like your %#@!,I don't like your form

I'm true,your through,^!$$% F**K you!

^!$$% get off,this %#@! is wacked

Spit on ya,%#@! on ya when I get on your pissil
F**k that,I bust you in the can with a motherf**kin propajack
And even the female rappers are gettin smacked

You're goin up and your f**kin cos I ain't lovin none of ya
Cos I'm a westside Connection hista
Stabbed in the !@%$ and kicked in the back

Bored from a lover dishin nothin but (?foolers?) and dirty rubbers


In about four seconds,a killa will begin to speak


Now you can cross out the busters and snitches
B-Real and Miss Muggs is like Hollywood (*##$es

From the ^!$$%s I know in the streets I run through
Swear to god (*##$,real it ain't one dog and no(body)
So watch what you say,who ya talkin bout,ya tweakin
This Westside Connection,Cypress know they can't f**k with it
And keep hogs out'cha mouth when ya (*##$ $$# is speakin

I'm sick wit it,cappin'cha dome till I hit it

Use to get kisses and hugs,now I'm servin ya slugs
F**k B-Real and Muggs,y'all ^!$$%s ain't no f**kin thugs
Be all surprised,everybody dies

From Columbian neckties covered with fright
Ya f**kin maggots,ya f**kin !@$)gots
I shoulda hurt you,every motherf**ker that I know wanna hurt you
So when I pull my spray-can to spray
I'm sprayin C-H-K all motherf**kin day

I once knew this (*##$ by the name of Q-Tip

Who claim he had a problem with this gangsta %#@!
Behind closed doors,runnin his mouth like a trick-in
Till this ^!$$% bout the name of Dove caught him slippin
Tied his $$# up and threw him in the truck

I ??? ??? lead him then down his body stashed
Put an apple in his mouth and dug his $$# out
In a trash bag with a cue-cover in his $$#


Don't go chasin waterfalls
Stick to them dicks and balls you're used to
Punk $$# motherf**kers!

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