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WESTSIDE CONNECTION lyrics : "all the critics in new york"

God Damn! New York City!

Skyscrapers and everything!
(Ice Cube)
Back in the day, we used to respect yall ^!$$%s.

We used to be down with yall ^!$$%s.
All you have for the west coast, is criticism and disrespect.
So I say to you and your city, yall ^!$$%s will never get our respect again.

Keeping it real!
Westside ^!$$%! Keeping it real. (Yeah)

Is Brooklyn in the house? What about Queens in the house?

Manhattan in the house? Long Island in the house? Is the Bronx in the house?
Staten Island in the house?
The west coast is in the house sayin'

Why you talkin loud?
What you talkin' about?

(Ice Cube)

Who wants to rock the microphone after me?

F**k all the critics in the N.Y.C.
Think of who you are and who you be.
My energy holds me down like the NFC.

I'm going thorough through your borough
Wit my Raider jacket and my jerry curl gangstas rule the world
On the west nevertheless W/S

We got the bomb and you ^!$$%s got the stress

(Mack 10)

You couldn't have said it no better homeboy
With my automatic toy, I kill and destroy
These bust $$# critics from the N.Y.C.

Don't know that iI be from the ING
My peeps play for keeps deep crews pay dues by murder ones and twos
Rip riders and Damus choose

To stay gangsta you never ever ran us
We bustin' clips like bananas
Spottin' colored bandanas

Dusty $$# New York critic killa

It's the hoodsta cap peela
Dumping and pumping
of them ^!$$%s ever have it up for the West

Motha f**king led in their chest because none
So now it's on & the gauge in my pants got me limping
F**k unity I'm coast tripping sagging as a bell

This is 187 on a New York reporter
East smashing tape recorders

New York, New York (4x)

(Ice Cube)

F**k all the critics in the N.Y.C.
Tryin' to get a East hip-hop monopoly

But I've writng gangsta %#@! since '83 when ya'll was still scared to use
Profanity now everbody wanna run and go get triggers and blaim it on these
West Coast 7 figure ^!$$%s just because we made it real ^!$$%s got the deal I

Hope blood ain't got spill I kill

(Mack 10)
It's like the battle of the sexes you wanna treat us like (*##$es
Because we're platinum when we flex this

We make a mill yan from California to Japan (*##$

With mic in hand fans in the stands
Thes West Coast gangsta %#@! got it crackin' or we jackin'
Went over seas seen D's how we done it

88's to 100's to let me dnow who really run it
Packin' ninas and sellin' out arenas ^!$$%s


You make me wanta holla throw up both my Dubs
And roll these ^!$$%s up I got to beat 'em
When I see 'em T-roll 'em cut off hes scrotum
Leave 'em bleeding in particles for them bias
All articles I'm mashing and blasting so get the casket

I bet you after this I get a f**king
Hip hop classic I'm banning you ^!$$%s from the scene
Kicking over newstands pouring gasoline on your magazines...

(Ice Cube)

To the west my ^!$$%s to the west.
To the west my ^!$$%s to the west.
To the west my ^!$$%s to the west.
We the best my ^!$$%s don't stress.

(Ice Cube)

F**k all the critics in the N.Y.C.
F**k your backpacks and your wack $$# raps
In your articles trying to rate my LP
Sayin' we ain't real because we make snaps

Selling 6-4 with a dab what you looking at with your brooklyn hat
F**k your baggy jeans
And your pen and pad
^!$$% I got a pocket full of green busting at the seams
F**k your magazines

Hey hey hey what's happenin tound tray

(Mack 10)

It's still MT critic K on mines all mothaf**kin' day
It'a trip the script flipped from when you ^!$$%s was bossing got to flossin
fell Off and got the nail in the coffin
Who wanna regret fucin with my set
I be a 24 yeat street Westside Connect Vet

You ^!$$%s better watch how you greet us when you meet us
We packin' heaters and the only way you beat us is cheat us


A yo ^!$$% f**k that %#@!
I got to kill it f**k a

New York critic he wuite about it
Live it did it plus I'm still with it putting it down
On all these DJ's hating faking and
Flaking never once played my record on their radio station
No love for a New York critic

Or disc jock matter of fact I'm blaming all ya'll for f**king up hip hop

Is Brooklyn in the house? What about Queens in the house?
Manhattan in the house? Long Island in the house?
Is the Bronx in the house? Staten Island in the house?

The West Coast is the house sayin'
What you talkin'about?(16x)
Why you talkin' loud?


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