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WEST OF EDEN lyrics : "In a faraway town"

Early September when the school day was over
We'd lie in the fields amongst heather and clover
And talk about life, and dream up a future

Jane would be a doctor and Cara a singer
While Mary was keen for a ring on her finger
And we all agreed that a rich guy would suit her

We looked at the clouds passing by
Gathering to fill every gap in the sky

And we cursed the place we'd been born
Hollowed by sea, beaten by storm
Guess the rain never fell quite as hard on the ground

In a faraway town

Sometimes at night I would sneak out past bedtime

It wasn't to go with some boy, no instead I
Would follow the creek down to the bay side
There we would sit and let darkness surround us

With stars high above us and blankets around us
We'd follow the lights from boats that would sail by

And no matter how peaceful it was
Every dawn had a lining of loss
'Cause we ached for the day we would leave

And all of the great things we were to achieve
And the mist never stuck quite this hard to the ground
In a faraway town

Suddenly that girl's turned twenty years older
If I could back in time I would have told her

That faraway towns may gleam from a distance
But once you get there it's the same, only colder
'Cause loneliness weighs like a stone on your shoulder

You're all on your own. It takes will and persistence

Jane and Mary moved home

Sometimes we visit the past on the phone
But Cara she's still struggling on
Right now she's scribbling down words to a song

'Cause she misses the rain and the mist on the ground
And heather and clover are nowhere at all to be found
In a faraway town

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