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WEST OF EDEN lyrics : "Chisel county"

When I wake it's early hours
A heavy scent of flowers
Is slipping through the cracks

All the mourners must be sleeping
I here no sound of weeping
Lying on my back

First I slowly slide the lid off
I get up and get rid of

These stupid clothes I'm in
Then I sneak out through the vestry
I let the wind caress me

And so the day begins

I'm on my way, stretching my steps

So many times I've dreamt about it
Leaving at dawn, travelling light
Going up to Chisel County

Far from the cares of the world

As I come around the corner

The sun has gotten warmer
I draw a breath of air
Crossing over Heaney's meadow

I notice that my shadow's gone missing
I don't care

'cause I'm on my way...

Then I run into Joanna

As sweet as a young girl can be
But she doesn't run into me
She just passes right through me

And I'm on my way..

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