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Wes Carr : Love Is An Animal lyrics

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Wes Carr lyrics : "Love Is An Animal"

When this night has only two faces
I'm the monster she's my prey
Could pick her up and take her to places

Could show her what love is today

And the walls have ears but they don't have eyes

So you do not have to dress in disguise
And the doors have mouths but they do not listen
They seem to bite you when you're not welcome


You know love is an animal
You know love is an animal
And you're all just insatiable

You know love is an animal

When this night has only two footsteps

She's a killer I'm her prey
So forever there'll be two footsteps
Here I am just walking away

In this light there's only one shadow
In the dark I make my way

So forever there'll be one shadow
I've gone in deeper it's too late

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