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Wes Carr lyrics : "Any Other Way"

Hello you're looking well
I'm not too bad myself
Oh, yeah, I'm just fine

I see you're back in love
Does he know about us?

Oh, yeah, I'm just fine

Thanks for askin' but don't worry about me

I know last time you saw me

I was on my knees
And begging you to stay
But I'm glad you walked away

I might be by myself
And lonely but I don't mind
I'm counting down the days

But that's alright
I wouldn't have it any other way

So you heard I got the sack
But that's more time to relax
Oh, yeah, that's alright

Remember my mate Paul?
I'm still sleeping on his floor

Oh, yeah, that's alright

Thanks for asking but don't worry about me

[Chorus x2]
Why won't you give me one more chance?

To prove that this was all a big mistake
And if you don't
I didn't want you anyway

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