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Were Not Friends Anymore lyrics : "Shame"

Take your hands off of her,
I'll tighten my grasp,
On your throat,

Please get out dears,
I don't know you but seeing you like this is unbearable,

In blind love or scared to leave,
You're just a pawn in his game,
Part of his control,

You won't ever have to cover you're bruises again,
You won't ever have to deal with that again,

Then you can free,

Who do you think you are?

You're wrong,

You ain't no $%&^$%&^x man,

You're nothing,
Lets see what you got,
How could you not have seen this?

Put your hands on a woman,
You're wrong,

I'll put you in your place,
Come across me and i'll crush you.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa