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Were Not Friends Anymore lyrics : "Miracle"

As i pull myself back into this dimension
I now realize that i'm afraid
She reappears right before my own two eyes

My own two eyes

We're shooting stars

An honest attempt so meaningless
So say i have the time for skepticism

Such brilliance in the blink of an eye
I fall right back where i started

And i'm holding on
And i'm holding on

This is your way out
Reach your hands towards the sky

And i'm holding on to the wheel of my car
And now it seems like i'm holding on for my life
I'm dazing and dozing, when you go through my mind

You're everything i loved

Hold on, hold on,

The car is crashing,
We'll make it out alive,
I swear it,

Hold on, hold on

We all sleep with both eyes open

It's enough to get us through the night,
To get us through the night
Now i know i'm free

I'm floating past my very own existence
I'm floating past my very own existence

(go on you're going to make it)

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa