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Werd lyrics : "When I Grow Up Remix"

Dont take this too seriously
Im doing it for a laugh cunt man

Auld Reekie

Whos that

The wee Scottish rapper
Aw not you no clue cue laughter
Ha ha ha your ma ha ha

I do what I want cunt $#&@ing rah
I couldn't rhyme with that
So I just made a noise went rah like that

Im raw like that so fall right back
Who you talking to cunt oh no right bat
Ah %#@! Werds gone crazy

Punch lines cheesy mainstream maybe
Yeah Im white but Im not shady
Dont do it Big like baby baby

Kick in the door
No its just police
Just work for pennies

And Im not Polish
I just note this they dont notice
They just want to hear a (*##$ on the chorus

[#~!!@cat dolls]

Ok Werds back again
And Im not going to stop until Im coping the Benz

Rocking the boat rock till the end
Got no guitar but a rock this ken
Mental instrumental at bringing that fire to instrumentals

A swear its not general check my credentials
Aw %#@! a burnt up the pencil
And the page and my hand and the table

Truthfully cunt I am unstable
Get the horse play back to the stable
Its nae bother hook up the cable

I rock rock like hard candy
And my jaw pops like I just copped MDA
I can can kick like you canny

Still trying to sell in the shops that Im banned fae

[#~!!@cat dolls]

When I grow up I want to be a doctor

No wait I want to be a lawyer
In fact that what your mum chooses for you
When I grow up I want to be a foot balla

But I dont play
I dont wear shorts
See I think thats gay

But I play the field and hit my goals
Swing clubs hit green and I get my hole
Like golf yeah

So lets drive on
I spit fire and I drag on
And on and on and on and on

But you dont like it but its my song
Yeah yeah so a wont pretend
I came for the fame not to make friends

Mixtape coming yip this fall
Am blowing up (*##$ I dont mean sex dolls

[#~!!@cat dolls]

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