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Werd lyrics : "Single Again Remix"

Ha ha its W.E.R.D.
Got that remix baby a ken a ken a ken

Its half of S.O.S.
See Im single again mate
Back on my grind

Shout out to Edinburgh

[Trina - Chorus]

You know what a did and where Im at

And I went solo like Werd is back
So you can call me single
Hot on the drum kicks call me Ringo

No star but you catch touch mine
You might find I am loosing my mind
dont speak like a mime, a blow like mine

This is Werdos cunt little Derek's doing fine
Back in scene so fresh so clean
Im an Outcast mate if you know what I mean

I write sixteens since sixteen
And since then mate av been token the green
Ken what I mean I ken I am mean

I take ketamean cause am stressed in the scene
And this is me dumbing down
Cause if a do that then theres more coming out

[Trina - Chorus]

Im back cunt best believe it
What I want Im gone achieve it

Cunts say the fame they dont need it
That cause they aint got none they dont mean it
Tell haters its just a remix

And tell sook ups get off ma ^&@#$
I love this I wont leave this
I drop bombs just like Hiroshima's

Yeah so $#&@ your life
Give me one chance I will $#&@ your wife
Give me one dance fall in love tonight

But in the morn I am out of sight
Like Im gone yeah am I wrong
Cause I chose rap and not to write songs

To fight the norm for a brighter morn
So check out the king man $#&@ you pawns

[Trina - Chorus]


$#&@ you pay me something like a hooker say
And if you dont $#&@ you Im hooking you
You cant rap you are looking gay

With no energy need lucazade
Sounding the same you sound too plain
And I am fly like the sound of a plane

$#&@ rap thats right I said it
Like Chris Rock stand up cunt Im a get it
What the whole thing yeah and that ring

call me [fades out]

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