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Werd lyrics : "Rocketship"

I am
So fly like a rocketship

Out this world when im rocking this
So fly like a rocketship
Out this world when im rocking this

[kathy mccarty]
Im going on a trip far away

Yo bring that back bring that back

Going on a trip here mate and so are you
With the scottish rapper
Alude reekie edinburgh ken who it is mate its werd s.o.s.

Got my bags packed its a fact i go
But i come right back like a rap yoyo

Dont rap yo yo no koko no
Dont sound like a clown that sounds so so
Im han solo and im solo

I get so high and your still so low
And rock a show with an ounce of snow
Put it in my nose i know you know

Its a big no no to flow no mojo
I stay flash like an instant photo
So bright like lights on popo

Do what i like till they light my logo
From edinburgh oh no to london soha
So i can say so hoe blow for more doe

I $%&^x ur !@#* and do saturn`s ring
Im out this world when i do my thing

I am
So fly like a rocketship
Out of this world when im rocking this

Rock this %#@!

Ship $%&^x thats how fly

I should go stay in the isle of skye
How ill im i $%&^x skill dont lie
And check my standards i mountain high

Plus i produce these kids like mothers
Take it right to these cunts no rubbers
And i write rhymes like old mother hubbard

Theres no $%&^$%&^x other need doe mother $#&@er
Done shows in the summer now we back in the winter
Getting under skin like splinters but im no mutant ninja

I am no little winger i will win im a winner
Yeah im hot your a minger aw man i deliver
Like takeaway dinners take away you beginners

Only see competition when im looking in the mirror

[kathy mccarty]

There is a boy there
His name is 'x'
He says you dont know me

I dont know you either


Who $%&^x is you you wee bend
Err in fact i dont want to ken
I got no buddies calling me friend

Im a hang up but they call me again
And its quarter to ten and im rocking the pen
So its often a tend to blocking my end

Because iv no got time to be talking to them
When i dont drop $%&^x i be dropping a gem
At fithteen and $%&^x seems by sixteen

My sixteens where just mean a sick teen
With $%&^x dreams to get green a has been
Thats has been seen before he seen scenes

Before i seen scenes cunt
Lets count just count till you see me
The days so fly call me run away im take off

Sing it lassie

[kathy mccarty]
The stars are blurring
We are going fast

We are going on a trip far away
We are leaving today
Our planet is our rocketship

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