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Werd lyrics : "Fight Tune Snippet"

Another one
You know the set s.o.s.

Its drew devine real name

Werdos s.o.s you can call it the remix

Believe it sick like a $%&^$%&^x bulimic
When we hit team is the meanest
I mean real dirty but we come the cleanest

So fresh start calling me persil
Put you in the hurst before the rehesal
You get square goes because your not in my circle

You should stay in your home like a turtle
I hit the top of the building
Hit the $%&^$%&^x roof know i will kill them

Because these rappers nothing but children
Fannies with a line call them brazilians
So get put in a cage fight

I rage like machine never been through stage fright
Dont play nice no we play knifes
Got bricks sticks kicks $%&^x all will take life

Healthy you are all getting pissed on
And i will pump your bird similar to a piston
Listen you getting cross like a christian

When i pick it up pick it up get picked onyou want to battle me expect to loose
I dont emcee battle i leave them battered and bruised
Kick rhymes punchlines man check what i do

I attack any track $%&^x what bout you [x2]

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