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Werd lyrics : "City Of Stone"

Check, Auld Reekie...

I was raised in a city made of stone,

Castle stands tall over all that we know,
But flying on top, ain't the flag of our home,
Red & blue shows that we're owned by the Throne,

I wanna shout out Declaration of Arbroath,
Stand on my sovereign, raise a glass toast,
Fill up a drab, brag, and I boast,

Proud to be a Scot in this land of our own,
Bone, to pick with government henchmen,
Waiting on the day that we hold referendum,

Maybe then ken, we could all stop pretending,
That we're all drunks getting high on the !@(%,
We don't need a hero or !@(%e,

Just need a vote, to make things better then,
Next step pride, feel no remorse,
Glasgow to Edinburgh, Athens of the North

Tourists walk around our town looking up,
Admiring the architecture we don't notice much,

We keep our head down but soon it won't hurt,
To try and make a change stop gazing at the dirt,
It's tough, but it could be worse,

We stay in a tolerant place with much love,
Amazed at the way it's portrayed and that sucks,
When the media's feeding you a bunch of words,

That's false talk, don't get caught,
Ironically the net giving freedom of thought,
So cast out, man it feels good,

To see so many people feeling like you,
Bran new, and the night is young,
As is dawns on the daughters and belligerent sons,

Of Scotland, SOS, save our souls, your soul is blessed

I'm so lucky to be born here,

What a city...

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