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Werd lyrics : "Chin Up, Be Proud"

You're amazing,
Yo it's funny, how you hanging your head,
Walking streets like a zombie, kind of half dead

When the time is here, for you to be heard,
You work you put in, work in out, no stress,
I appreciate your finding times tough, but hold up,

Whole damn world is feeling all the same bruv,
Best luck to you if you feel a little blue but,
I'm proud of you, and what you've been through,

Never give up, single mums on the doe,
Still putting kids first, real love on show
Visiting your Grandma before she goes,

Little things like that make a brighter soul,
You know, it's told, that you are your own God,
And life is what you make it so face it it's your job

To stand up, hold your head high, and know what,
I'm proud what you made for yourself, good work

You got to start like thinking more positive,
Honest it's, hard seeing you falling in bits,
Come on get over it,

Pick yourself up and get on with it,
Your better than this, and I know, you know that kid
Never quit, quitting on that means yourself,

Forget wealth, hell, that's the devil on shelves,
The barcode code bro is like 666,
So when you're buying some gifts, please think of this:

A hug might be, what they seek and need,
I hi how are you? Instead of that greed,
I gesture of good will, a helping hand,

A pat on the back, a hey, 'you the man',
Can, you understand, ban, the hating man
I'm, a basic man, but I, can face it and,

I, will try my best, since I've nothing left,
Except, every opportunity

(Keep your chin up)
(That's right)

If I have regrets it will be what I did,
Never what I left,
What you don't do can haunt you,

Common sense, so next step take a guess,
And go with your heart, hell, your head's a mess,
So take a chance, the joker out the pack,

Could be anything else depending on that game that's
Played today, so take at face value risk,
Missing the suttle knowledge when played with real wit,

So, shuffle the deck, get set, its marked go,
So-so hands can't stand with those in control,
But maybe the illusion, is there to be broken,

And one way to do that is to be outspoken,
And if you're wrong, be corrected,
But it's only up to you to truly accept it,

If you feel strong, then go on relentless,
The universe is small, don't feel neglected

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