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Werd lyrics : "Breakdown"



I used to think it was about the music
And how we could use it to make a movement
But you dont want to hear it have you feelin foolish

This rap thing mate you aint ment to do it
Why mic and booth it? Your mind you loose it
But in my mind I had somthing to prove %#@!

Mine was music incline to do it
But in time I find I am $#&@ing useless
Im $#&@ed in music Im $#&@ing stupid

For thinking I could help out the rest of you kids,
You $#&@ing knew this that I would do this
And it kills me inside just what the truth is

That Im loser life dark no rumour
And I think too much al end up with a tumour
Picking up dust then suck like a hoover

If you sleep on my dreams then Im coming like krooger

(Sons of Scotland)

Im far too sick
Of the tension the wait the suspension

My mind it is stressing and vibes that Im sending
Are far too dementing its out this demension
I thought I should mention I find it depressing

Trapped like Im fenced in catch was confessing
I got the pen and-Drew-Devine intervention
Devine is a mess and at present a pesent

He wont be king till he's learing his lesson
Through past to the present Im making a present
Not for you for me and Im sending

First class hense its right on the fence its
Right out my chest and you find it offensive

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