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Werd lyrics : "Brain And Audio Waves"

If we didn't have emotion then I'd be glad
If 'glad' can be felt without emotion to have.
I'm always feeling sad or snap and go raj

I'd be a better person if it's left in the past.
If I was made of stone then the stones they throw
Would just bounce off me and they'd make no holes.

In my glass home in-which I feel alone
Is where I make music in hope that I grow
But it's not as easy as that

And I feel my emotions are a balancing act
Tiresome chat falling back just telling the facts
Misinterpreted hated for faking this part

Try to make you happy but causing you pain
Try and stay out your way but it's doing the same
Try as I might the mic to this day

Has been an outlet a catalyst for change

Check (SOS)

I'm an emotional guy my emotions run high
I get stressed get vexed and I shout to the sky
I get pissed get stoned else I'd probably cry

Cause I don't know what to do with this time before I die
I need positive thinking
And people round me to be supportive by listening

I don't need money fame or superstition
I don't need worries and name-calling persistent
Wishing on a star no replay

It's light-years away so it's already died
But I won't inside I will find pride
I will find a reason to believe in the rise

Of people us without the control
Without being persuaded that I'm always below
I will stand up my story needs told

But this is chapter one there's a lot to go

Rising from horizon new sun with no disguise

One turned from the angry and burn he held inside
He yearned to be heard deserved a little pride
But focused on the negative so got it in reply

I was that son that fell but no demise
Clipped my own wings to aim for better skies
Reborn in joint ashes and empty drink glasses

And as it all passes now I'm ready to fly (high)
Not aiming for a star a see the shooting ones
Rather hear it in their bars

Claiming what they are say it then believe it
Becomes a part of them now it's taken all their freedom
Trapped in brain cells or physical jails

Buying physical things in a virtual hell
No Call of Duty kids will shoot you
With guns government's sells

And sheep-le join the army thinking it helps

And I'm not blaming X-Box

But those games got a rating
Not trying to preach I'm not your parent
But when you play PlayStation

Remember it's not training
GTA COD what's your children playing?
Just saying

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