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Werd lyrics : "Another Night (remix)"

What it's Werd S.O.S.
Felt like just using this one

Another second other minute another day
Take another second see I try and find another way
Another lesson learnt still stressing trying to find a way

What the f*ck others say I do this sh*t another way
I'm on but I'm off this and little rappers talk sh*t
They ittie' bitty little silly kiddies they get tossed flicked

Out of my @@#!pit
The sky's where I walk it's
Crossed my mind but my mind I lost this

So watch this like cross this not got the knot's it's
Like yelling yellow like the Simpsons or the Jaundice
Tracing dead rappers in a circle like the chalk was

Sorry I could never take a bite like using chop sticks
Another for my city what a pity want to block this
No block call them streets call me tricky when I jot this

Kick-flip on boards see these !@$)ots can't stop this
I'm a big fish small pond another Loch Ness

Another night on the road
Another sold out show [x2]

S.O.S. Wardie Burns UV Beatz mate (yeah)

It's just a remix it's just me it's
Just Werd it's just a remix
It's just me, it's just me pricks

And this it's just a remix

Another second other minute other day

This how we live life like there's no other way
And others say Werd get the f*ck away
I'm not f*cking with these little damn f*cks the day

Take a laugh at the back when the c*nts away
But to the face they fake they don't f*cking say
So hey, let's get to the point real quick

I'm real you deal with chase cash %#@!
Them gay $$# hits a don't play that %#@!
No fibs these gigs a do that %#@!

And in a way that's it
Why I do like this
Since 'dae aw day' you going to play that prick

Can't hate all day but I stay this (*##$
Is mine it's fine you can say your bit

Another night on the road
Another sold out show [x2]

Yes Auld Reekie music

Sampled or looped by me from somewhere else
I don't know
It's just a remix it's just me pricks

It's just a remix (Aw f*cking hell)

Another second other minute another day

Others say others great but others they ain't get played
Another day you will see I do this another way
I can do what they do - It doesn't work the other way

Another night on the road

Another sold out show [x2]

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