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Wellu Rowaltz lyrics : "Greed"

Lyrics by: Rory Winston

I need to push

It feels so good
There's someone under me

I will not stop
Till I'm on top
I want more than I need

You hope I'll die??
I can't deny,

I'll take it all with me;
But I will leave my greed

We're all climbing on each other
Each step cracks a brother's head

So let me hold you
- You, like all things
Let me own you

Be the one I eat

I need that rush

From dawn to dust
Just your trust I'll keep

I never blush
I trade in love
I'll buy your memories

But 'got' is better

Cause when we hold things,
We want them to keep

When we touch,
We begin to need
So let me love you

From head down? six feet

Cause when we touch,

We begin to need
When we love things,
Things just disappear

So let me love you
Be the one I eat
Oh, how I need you

- Like most everything.

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Thanks to anna_koivisto