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WEBBIE lyrics : "Retarded"

[Verse 1]

I'm stackin,rappin but if I just so happen was it, I probably would be posted up thugin, sellin crack are somethin

I had 2 leave it alone cause the rats r something
Look like my return won't be long
The streets keep asking 4 me

Young savage on the mound game ova now
I'm in Houston and A Town wheres the mutha$#[email protected] crown
I don't have no $#[email protected] friends

I'm solo now
Put my trust and my mack 10 (*##$ don't let me down

Just $#[email protected] wit them that's makin me sick
Spoil (*##$es don't want share
So I'm taking dis %#@!

I'm a 110 street cat and had my back against tha hope
No money, no love,just tears,weed, blood, and hoes
I'm like slim these ^!$$%s don't feel my pain

A ninty-nine problems and but a (*##$ ain't one
Ghetto stories, and gangsta music, thank big labels ain't come
%#@! we just trying see which one


I'm so [email protected]$!ed
And I'm gon all hard and
My game mutha$#[email protected] (*##$ brains up

And I just getting started
They hate 2 see a ^!$$% ballin
They rather see a ^!$$% in a coffin

But rap money, street money I'm gon see money
(*##$ ^!$$% ragardless

[Verse 2]

If the %#@! ain't funny den I can't grin And if it don't make money it don't make sense If you really

ain't bout nothing You better zip your lips cause around here stuntin ^!$$% emp yo clip
My grand so ridickuless You can call me da clips
Cause I slap all my (*##$es u can call me a pimp I'm like the hood candy lady

I got them chips
I got hoes wit J.Lo faces and Beyonce hips
2 home boys doin 7 can't wait till da touch

So many people up in heaven dat I miss so much
vest up up wit my chest and stomach not becuz I'm scared
But no they coming i hope they don't shoot 4 my head


[Verse 3]
18 riding lacks ^!$$%
How you hate dat?

Do it big bad (*##$ give me dat shake back ^!$$%
Yall ain't got do %#@!
Just leave it 2 me Push record 4 yo boyand lay back and kick up yo beat

turn up da beat
A pen paper give me one sheet Put a barcode on it
Disrebute dis heat

I got tha biggest $#[email protected] bug buzzin in dis streets
I know you heard a young savage Trill E-N-T
But you forgot bout me

Thought i was gone where i'm gone go
I run dis mutha $#[email protected]
I'm the spice in da gumbo

I'm bout my $#[email protected] paper man dats all I $#[email protected] want more
U gone gets wats mine
Oh no, u a dumb hoe

Still good,still can get u rite on da down low
It never snow in Baton Rouge
I'm da ^!$$% wit da snow

2 let yall ^!$$%s do yall thang so I hope yall been gettin it
Wat up playa
I'm da new mayor of da city ^!$$%


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