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WEBBIE lyrics : "Mind Ya Business"

(feat. Big Head)

Hey, I Need Another Plate ^!$$%, $#[email protected]

Im A Get Seconds, Then Im A Get Thirds, Then Im A Get Fourths, Then Im A Get Fifths, Im A Keep On Eating.


^!$$%s Posted On They Block

Nose Way Around The Corner
Sniffin Nutz Around Here
Man, You Stay Way Around The Corner

You Been Yapping Like A Hoe
That's What Say Around The Corner
If You Know It Like I Know

You Better Stay Around The Corner
I Don't Know %#@! About No Murder
I Was Way In California

With Bun B Ridin Dirty
Smoking Purple All That Morning
I Don't Know %#@! About No Robbery

Throwing The Wrong Charges On Me
I Was Chillin Wit Yo Wife
While You Was Flightin, An She Was Lonely

All That #[email protected] Azz %#@! You ^!$$%s Offering
I Don't Want It
I Don't Want To Hit Yo Weed

And I Don't Wanna Be Yo Homie
Man, Let Me Make My Cheese
Get The J's To Match My Jeans

Go Post Back Up In My Jeans
And Let 'em Go For 2 For 3
You Around Here Saying My Name

And Claiming I Ain't A Beast
Regardless Of My Fame
(*##$ I'll Aim It Up At Yo Cheek

Before I Was Rhyming On A Beat
I Was Grindin On The Street
#[email protected] $$# ^!$$% Worrying Bout Me

Click, Clak


Say Lil Daddy, Listen Mind Ya Business
You Just Like One Of These Lil (*##$es, Mind Ya Business
Being Nosey, You Your Sickening, Mind Ya Business

Ole Police $$# ^!$$%, Mind Ya Business

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