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WEBBIE lyrics : "Just Like Me"

My lil soilder, yo lil soidler
His lil soilder, dey lil soilder

U gon be jus like me boy

[Verse 1:]

Woke cryin I'm pissed again bad azz hollerin it's milk again fixed you a bottle put it in yo hand u down dat (*##$ like a fifth of hen we wild alike we smile alike day be like boy u and yo child alike could'nteven walk tryna take da mike soon as u got to walkin went straight to fightin I take u to yo people cause dey like to see ya dey always check yo pockets right befo u leave and I be like godamm he only 3 boy u a straight g and u get it from me I drop da top turn up da beat and u bob ya head and I hit da weed like father like son we hit da streets lil ^!$$% u gon be jus like me hell yea I'm a good dad but iono if dats good or bad so many ^!$$%z don't like my azz I wouldn't be suprised if lightin strike my azz boy u act jus like my azz don't non of dese hoes excite my azz put da money to da front and da hoe to da back and da ^!$$%z to da side and keep it like dat


I be like oh yea(you gon be jus like me)
Sometimes I get scared(you gon be jus like me)
You gon end up dead(you gon be jus like me)

Lil ^!$$% f**k dat(you gon be jus like me)
Dey gon bust yo head(you gon be jus like me)
Naw u gon bust theirs(you gon be jus like me)

U gon stack dat bread(you gon be jus like me)
U know how u gotta play it(you gon be jus like me)

[Verse 2:]
To have it in yo blood I know how dat felt u jus like me so I don't need no dap on top boy u alwayz gotta see yoself f**k dem ^!$$%s u don't need no help but being like me u gon need dat der keep cause I care boy keep cause I swear to god killaz out der everywere so here jus keep it on ya belt cause I love you to death jus cause dey der dey not friends u ain't got ends you ain't got friends keep u a rubber for ya hot friends and alwayz put it on before u pop it in keep it real dats da main thang some fools change dats da strange thang I can't explain some ^!$$%s fake all I can say is jus stay safe chill son I'm forreal son I promise u only gon live once put ya on game while ya still young got old folks out chea still dumb tryna get rich u don't have to see all da dum shytt dat I had to see still be prepared in case u have to see cause it ain't no tellin who afta me graduate u probably should if I could take it back I probably would main I wouldn't even tryna do it felt like I ain't even have time to do it jus like da block u gotta grind to do it f**k dese ^!$$%s ain't a crime to do it if ya think about ya big cause how ya doin life shytt it really ain't nuttin to it


[Verse 3:]

One thing about it u should know for sho you gotta daddy dats really gon go for go and I got yo bak till I go for sho and ain't neva bein played like a ho befo I'm hoe pro on da low low and u betta not let yo mama know when u get a lil older I'm a show ya I'm a soilder everybody know me keep it rollin I'm a try before it's ova I'm a hav to die still u ain't gon be solo(y)I'm a watch ova you from da sky bet not forget u gotta get it hope u ain't neva gotta go steal shytt dats real shytt dis trill shytt lil ^!$$% u rather be real dan rich lifetime friends dey still switch straction action weed #[email protected] u on now all dese hoes lookin non of dis shytt come befo yo sista small azz chick she don start to thicken shytt fall off she don start da missin livin out hea ya hard listenin take jailboys to da boys detention got to da feds wait to da finish do it like me I wouldn't recommend it cause dey got alot of place in da pennitentary and n #[email protected] azz ^!$$%s dat will luv to see ya talkin dat shytt I be still grinnin u gon be jus like me I see it in ya guess dats y u my lil ^!$$% do it how u won't f**k it I ain't trippin


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