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WEBBIE lyrics : "I Got That"

[Webbie Talking]

Boosie I swear to God Ima hurt one of these (*##$ azz ^!$$%z out here

Trill Entertainment Young Savage ^!$$% im Webbie ya heard me look

[Verse 1:]

I $#[email protected] a (*##$ till she real tired
and i aint $#[email protected] wit her less she real fine i gotta lot money i aint gotta lie play me on dat funny

style ^!$$% gotta die why u spit dat nut out (*##$ apologize its real deal G pimp %#@! (*##$ recognize (*##$
say get her some shoes then i reply all u get is a big dick dat certain size boosie dat 745 hurt they eyez
u got dat LI so ima get dat other kind im motha$#[email protected] straight gangsta dat who is i get outta line ima

spank ya dont even try murda murda kill kill all in my eyez me i take dat beef %#@! and tenderize it i got
dem $#[email protected] skeletons all in my closet it no class experiment missing bodies


U want beef (I got dat)

Dope (I got dat)
hoes (I got dat)
Dro (I got dat)

Money (I got dat)
Cars (I got dat)
Pistol (I got dat)

^!$$%z (Get shot at)

[Verse 2:]

I know u heard to me that beef aint nothin but a word ya heard i creep and serve bullets they swerve and
calm ya nerves $#[email protected] u ^!$$% i aint throwin no slurs all i know is streets and birds broads and cars and
malls big splurs i used to steal wallets and purses now i feel wallets and purses all the real ^!$$%z

while off my verses boot up [email protected]$!ed and send boys to hurses dont get me started cause boy i might hurt ya
drunk as alcoholic ill woop ya $$# purple slap ya and kick ya and treat you like urkle slang u and bang u
no i dont think u heard me ku klux klan hang u the light u and burn u young savage what u wan do ^!$$%

U wan beef (I got dat)

Dope (I got dat)
Hoes (I got dat)
Dro (I got dat)

Money (I got dat)
Cars (I got dat)
Pistol (I got dat)

^!$$%z (Get shot at)

[Verse 3:]


Yo we come threw we stomp u, u owe us we trunk u we soldiers who gon to knock a $#[email protected] dog loose ima

always be a savage ima always toat dat plastic ima always be smart lil boosie always gon wear masks im gon
always hit dat classic dem hoes be all down with a wip so sick dat make u boys turn around now we burnin off
da ground the sickest in the town boosie and webbie got dat crown u other ^!$$%z bow down to the feet of

some youngsta who gon see we body bad ^!$$%z and we toe tag da feey $#[email protected] in da back seat we aint playin
wit no rookie u take dis money and we gon throw a party on dat #[email protected] my life style is too cold my ^!$$%z
we run threw hoes passin down like newports and rockin dem like new bauds(Girbaud) got served by the case loads

we leanin like dem Texas boys and we dont kay roll dis %#@! we aint tryna stretch ya boy if u know me u
know me from gettin loaded u know me from lookin sported u know me from pistol toatin u know me from candy
coatin my cars rollin wit dem superstars bondin my ^!$$%z out when they stretchin behind bars (thug life)

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