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WEBBIE lyrics : "Doe Doe"

[Webbie Talking over Chorus]
(Blowin doe, doe)
Trill Entertainment, Young Savage

(blowin doe, doe), (blowin doe, doe)
(blowin doe, doe)
If it ain't purple we ain't even smokin it

(blowin doe, doe) [4x]

[Chorus - Repeat 8x]

Blowin doe, doe with this 4-4
Got the hat back with the seats low
Blowin doe, doe with this 4-4

Got the hat back with the seats low
Blowin doe, doe with this 4-4
Got the hat back with the seats low

Blowin doe, doe with this 4-4
Got the hat back with the seats low

[Verse 1 - Webbie]
It ain't no joke up in here, got so much smoke up in here
That you'll prolly choke up in here,

If you ain't on that dope up in here
Mayne I should slow up in here, cause I can't get roped up in here
Got this lil'hoe up in here and I ain't had insurance in years

But I'll turn the wheels, the music $#[email protected] up your ears
Snatch some mo twenty-sixes, give you mo %#@! to go whisper
I have 'em big, by the line-you clip 'em one at a time

You do this %#@! by the month, I switch 'em up by the blunt
So don't be stuntin, respect that chickens and boppas be on me
And Yeah I'm prolly in the projects

With some lil'^!$$%s that's wanted
In the whip with some tint, bad (*##$ with some sense
I get tired of ridin this, I hit the castle and switch

Yeah my lil'homie done came up on some extravagant %#@!
So I roll it up and took me an extravagant hit
Got to laughin and grinnin, mayne it must be pleasin

Started trippin and cheesin, I rolled another one,
Immediate-you know I'm


[Verse 2 - Lil' Phat]

I be creepin slowly in the Monte Carlo
I ain't goin inside till tomorrow
I gotta get it, give a $#[email protected] if it's your car note

Black Jeep behind me that's my ^!$$% Marlo
I pull up at the studio, I'm gettin blunted
With a stripper, Boosie call her Young Dummy

My girl hit me, Phat bring yo $$# home
Not right now cause I'm gettin my thug on
Eyes low, Yeah I'm smokin off the pound

Hat back, seats low-me and my round
4-4 in my pack it's kind of heavy
Take it off, put it on my lap-I stay ready

This %#@! got me mayne I'm tired of smokin this
Hit my ^!$$% B to get some different %#@!
Motha$#[email protected] and don't never think I'm scary

I put hollow tips through yo $#[email protected] belly
They gon burn ya like a deli, I stay ready


[Verse 3 - Bun B]

Mayne I'm always in the ghetto, in the ghetto you can find me
Cadillac swangin-car killas right behind me
Rollin down the interstate doin bout ninety

The car so smoked out this %#@! about to blind me
Gotta crack the window and let loose the smog
While I'm bendin corners in my candy painted hog

This sweet is so impact, this motha$#[email protected] like a log
I take another hit and then I pass it to my dogg
A doe, doe smokin gangsta, I stay twistin that green

A twenty eight gram a day habit, know what I mean
If I don't get medicine ^!$$% on the cool
I'm bout to start trippin out-actin a motha$#[email protected] fool

That's when Dr.Jekyll turn into Hyde on these boys
And pull out the hecklar and start to ride on these boys
Where I'm from we ain't lettin %#@! slide on these boys
But we gon'keep our pistols and our eyes on these boys, That's Whassup

[Chorus Till End]

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