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We As Human lyrics : "We Fall Apart"

The worlds on fire but we're all smiling
Though it's all our fault

But life is short so we resort to laughing through it all

It's the battle within the good and the sin

With both sides standing strong
It's the permanent scars
How broken we are

It's the things that hurt us all


But isn't it beautiful
The way we fall apart
It's magical and tragic all the ways we break our hearts

So unpredictable
We're comfortably miserable

We think we're invincible
Completely unbreakable
Maybe we are

Isn't it beautiful
The way we all fall apart

You're a liar but I'm a coward so I can't throw a stone

We're so imperfect but so worth it because we're not alone

It's the wars that we wage, the lives that we take

For better or for worse

It's the lion we cage, the love and the rage

That keeps us wanting more

The world is dark but all it takes
Is your love to spark

And set my heart on fire once again

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