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We As Human lyrics : "Deliverance"

Its time for bed, go to sleep little onesrest your head, daddy loves you he loves youthe worlds asleep, but theirs no sleep for mei feel the urge, to fill my veins with these drugsI hate myselffor who I amfor what i've donei just need some deliveranceIm so afraid, cause this addiction wont breakit takes a taste, and leaves me nothing with nothingi feel alone, i feel theirs nobody out theirim all alone, i could just end this right herebecause these drugs, they took my family from methey took everything that i loved, they took itbut then one day, i met Youand you took it all away(and its gone now)I no longer hate myself, for who i am todayand for what i did yesterday, Jesus your my deliverancenow i no longer hate my self, for who i amfor what i have done, Jesus your my deliverance(forgive me for trespassing you)You are my, eternal loveyour my deliverance

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