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WC lyrics : "Walk"

(feat. Ice Cube, Mack 10)

[Ice Cube]

1, 2, 3, 4
Get you a (*##$ up on the floor
You gotta get up and get down (WALK!)

You gotta get up and get down (WALK!)


To the Weeeeeeest, MARCH
Bang, crease the starch
Uh oh, here we go again

Off the chain, that Dub SC gang
State yo name

[Ice Cube]
Ice Cube mother$#&@er

What's your name

[Mack 10]
Mack 10 mother$#&@er

Well bang on, swang on
Cause on mine I'ma G on, Dub C let a scene on

Get my green on, with my white sling on
Weather my rag in, with my khakis cuffed and dragging
Three wheels, make the heat squeal

This Westcoast %#@! is the %#@! that we built
Who wanna bust with or $#&@ with him, and confess
Y'all can't $#&@ with it, I'm out the roof with it, bang loose with it

Dub C, from that Dub SC
Fo sho to make ya peeps slang off the cheese man

Walk, walk
^!$$%s let me see you walk

Walk, walk
(*##$es let me see you walk - 2x
To the Weeeeeeest, MARCH

Calling all cars, ^!$$%s look hard
Near park cars, after dark
Get toe start

[Ice Cube]
Ice Cube mother$#&@er, I represent this

Don't mistake the masked up for the apprentice
All you (*##$ $$# ^!$$%s are defenseless
Like a Catholic priest, and bout ten kids

It's sunday school, I run you fools
You ain't gone do %#@!
I got the flip %#@!, to plant

Spit it like I'm gone spit it
^!$$%s wanna get it, but they won't admit it
I'm connected and committed

All the way bided, while you bull%#@!ted
I'm on exhibit, like a pitbull off the chain
Mother$#&@ers gone flip out, ropes get ripped out

^!$$%s gone trip out, crip out, get a four-fifth out
Get bout, with a brickhouse, with my dick out saying $#&@ ya
My whole career, I kept it gangsta and hustla


[Mack 10]
It's for the ghetto and the gutter everytime I spit
For ^!$$%s that walk off that funkadelic %#@!

I just might go psycho, and grab the automatic
And let one off for the gangbang addicts
Cause I'm westside connected like a hand in the glove

And I'm the gangsta rap ^!$$% that the D-Boys love
Hopped out braided and valetd in the front of the club
I hit the do' ^!$$%s speak, I hit em up with a dub

And even on the east coast, I rep Hoo Bangin
Iced out, creased khakis with a red flag hanging
Fin to bust a (*##$ to give head, that's eating the jaw
And if I let my hair down, all the hoes all hoes
Get ya hood, ya polo, ya tribe, ya ?

And ain't no ^!$$%s in the game that can beat this group
Mack 10 and Connect, is the hood I claim
We do the damn thang, and it's off the chain

To the Weeeeeeest, MARCH

Calling all cars, ^!$$%s look hard
Near park cars, after dark
Get toe start [x2]

[Chorus x2]


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