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WC lyrics : "Let's Make A Deal"

(feat. Gangsta, Lina)


Let's take a trip..

Initiated, gang related a zig-zag litted
Straight homicider when I'm sick with it

I tank, feels the pain, pistols aim
Hands trimbling, cause I'm caught in the mix of the game
See I'm needing this ^!$$% that got those

Mo' Chicken's to Roscoe's, plus a direct with the Delgatos
Throw a tree, 14-9 a ki, and if I double that
Then I can get 28 off me

Now the clue to the tax, I'm slapping on the amount
Breaking em down, letting the lil homies circle mouths for ounce
Gram for gram, touching all the fiends

Why not ^!$$%, ain't that the american dream
Have money, $#&@ hoes, cut low-lows
Blow dope dough, and ^!$$% $#&@ mo' hoes

Hey what can I say, it's the american way
I'm jacking for mill-i-ons, I'm loved from y'all to the Indians
From Columbus to the one time, they all corrupt

And they got Bush in office so ^!$$% we all $#&@ed
Look, I gotta eat, so ^!$$% $#&@ being nice
Shiiit, I'm trying to ball like Reverand Pryce

Call my ^!$$% Gangsta (what's happenin)
What's cracking ^!$$%, where you at

I'm on deck in the Midwest, with some ghetto stars
In a suite with one of the homies in a rent-a-car

$#&@ with me, we can all get blunted and fin hundred
Spoke sling-shots, and fitty cabs with ends on it
See, three or four hund, and a four month run

I got your back you got mine, till the deal get done

[Chorus x2: Lina]

Let's make a deal, time to take a trip (Quanto Questro)
Let's take a trip (what they going for)

I got fifty in your hand when you land, so get here
Stop and drop, you won't have to sit here

^!$$%s is lined up, so keep mine tough
Back and fourth in freight-line trucks
14-9, gotta X out the middle man

Find out how much they'll charge us to get him here
Check six-hund and a six month run
Any ^!$$% try to trip, whole %#@! get spun

Ain't nothing to it, but to do it (baby)
Staking paper to the ceiling like the (eighties)
Ask Anesto, Quanto Qeusto

Tell him that we got a hundred thous in a Benz or the Lexo


La la la la la la la la
I'm about to catch me a homicide

Ah naw Dub, we done cracked him fo sho glove
We gone build up our trust, till they trust us with mo' drugs

Then, they gone wish they never knew us
Have em saying hathe pinche miatay, screw us
We called Anesto, at Texaco

Set up a meeting at Taco Mexico



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