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WC lyrics : "Keep Hustlin'"

(feat. E-40, Too $hort)


[WC] Dub Cya, nya!
[E-40] Uhhhh, hah!

[WC] Fonzarelli, what's crackin loc?
[E-40] Whassupish weebelations?
[WC] $hort Dawg, we all hogs

[TS] Ain't nuttin ^!$$%, it's that pimp %#@! bwoy
[E-40] We doin our thingamajig up in this BEYOTCH!

[Verse One: WC]

Thinkin of a master plan

Cause ain't naytin but crumbs inside my hand
So I, hit the stick, leaves my residence
Thinkin, "How can I get paid for spinnin this gangsta %#@!?"

A three-strike victim, with a million dollar dream
of swervin 740 Beem's and count G's from money machines
My click trump tight, ^!$$% we roll like dice

For the ten china whites seekin hustler paradise
Where you from, what's your name, mother$#&@er what you sayin?
Dub C still claimin that Maad Circle gang and

smokin dank and drankin, jaw breakin runnin the pavement
Top rankin CD slanger, ghetto Hall of Famer
International resider worldwider packin heat

Mashin for the cheddar with No Limit's like Master P
Found my glitch in this rap game, now I'm steady bustin
Dub C, hoo-ridin for the chip but still hustlin

[Chorus: unknown singers]

Keep hustlin - cause I'm all about mine, yeah yeah
Keep on hustlin... droppin keys funk stackin weed shiftin
Keep hustlin - true players play it all night long

Keep on hustlin... on and on

[Verse Two: E-40]

Check it out; Dub C ?the below? system
got ya ninjas dang near ready to put hands on ?PGA any man?

Bout to bomb on this (*##$-ass for turnin off my lights and gas, low on cash
Bad enough I gotta go next door to take a bath, ain't got no water
Plus I heard that the police department homicide division

wanna holla at me about a manslaughter
Triflin $$# baby mama, she's a botch (*##$ think I'm rich
Don't know the outcome, talkin bout "He got bread, he on Dub album"

I play ya like dick and bend a dick's dream how can I focus (hocus pocus)
When I'm famous as "$#&@ Christmas Eve, eviction notice"
These rap videos gotta soon to be up and coming rappers thinkin cute

knowin that we unrecouped
E-Fonzarelli, P.K.A. Charlie Hustle
Knockin though, knock a hoe without a penny in my pocket

I don't come from much, so in order to do what I gotta do to survive
Tapes and CD's be my nine to five
Check it out, mathematics, paper rappamatics established

Long money, way before I signed for cabbage


[E-40] Get your marbles main, get your paper ... glorify your paper route

[Verse Three: Too $hort]


I'm comin from a fashion show, with a flashy hoe
Smokin indo from the Valle-jo
Like them 3rd Ward ^!$$%z from the Calliope

If you tryin to get high, what you passin foe?
Top notch on my right smellin smoke
But she don't know about the hustlin that I did when I was broke

My best customers, real macks and G's
Dopefiend beats on the backstreets
Me and Freddie B sellin game

Custom made tapes with your name, you can't complain
I always been about the business, I ain't changed
As long as I'm in it, I'm stayin the same
Ghetto star, feelin the pavement
I'm always down to earth, tryin to get paid (*##$

Ain't no secret, to what I'm doin
I got the game from Oakland so I came to this conclusion


$hort Dawg, you know we players main
Get your money ^!$$%

[E-40] E-40 get yo' paper main, get yo' change
[TS] You know $hort Dawg always get his scratch

[E-40] Dub C!
[TS] Nya! Nya!
[WC] You know I'm takin mine nya!
[E-40] Fssssssh, ahh, uhhhh, erytime up in they tall can face
Glorifyin our paper route, nonstop - you know?


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