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WC lyrics : "Bellin"

(feat. Kokane)


Strolling with a limp
Sagging hard

Mainly done by L.A street ^!$$%s
Is not just a casual stroll

But a way of life
A movement
First you take the rag

Crease it
Place it in your back pocket
And bell

But remember
For all you square $$# ^!$$%s
Rips to the left

Doggs to the right
Not for ^!$$%s in tight $$# jeans and penny loafers
But highly recommended for nigaas sporting

Khakis, house shoes and locs


Oh my God
Yeah, we back mother$#&@er
WC niia, niia, BAAM BAAM!

Keep it crackin

I'm sick of all this bull%#@! yacking
Ya'll done $#&@ed around
and got the Dub reacting

Lo-lows, broughams
House shoes, or roams
Once again its on ^!$$%

It's time to G on
When it comes to gangsta %#@!
Can't too many $#&@ with me

Hang with me
or ride to the highest level of ridetivity
One to the neck

Two to the neck
I'm sticking them
Leaving them scarred

(*##$ ^!$$%s get rode of they yard
Get off that %#@!

You lost that %#@!
See how many streets
While you talk that %#@!

$#&@ who Billboard hanging
And who take you banging and slanging
I'm the hardest ^!$$% in this game

the only one remaining
It's time for confrontation

The only one that's gonna swing them thangs
Swinging with the Titanium flaming
With the gun safety on F'n

$#&@ the whole world loc
I'm bellin



Yeah I got the remedy
To make you wanna come and ride with me
You know I keeps it crackin cause it's a must

Cause this the way we bell from dawn to dusk
I'm a keep banging that gangsta ish And none of ya'll ^!$$%s can $#&@ with it
You know I keeps it crackin cause it's a must

Cause this the way we bell form dawn to dusk


Sick as they come
Sick as thay come
WC got that bomb %#@!
that'll numb your tongue
$#&@ing it up

in my dum-da-da-dumbs
Not a Dump-da-da-dumb
Off that wet one
Chucking up the finger and thumb
Scrap it

Clack-clack it
And toss the liquor
Clip the barrel
And hang out the window
And get off on ^!$$%s

Snatch ^!$$%s, clap triggers
Leave on the back of the grass ^!$$%s
$#&@ all you rapping $$# ^!$$%s
I'm a thank em'
Let my nuts hang

And dick dangle
Come in with the %#@! that will make you break them ankles
Cause I'm an all-season ^!$$%
Leave yah leaking ^!$$%
Thirsty gutter ^!$$%
Use a first........ ^!$$%

Disappear ^!$$%
We gonna be here
Been shifting gears
And doing this %#@! for years
Off the liquor though
Really though
$#&@ a video

I'm getting in these hoes
^!$$% $#&@ what you yellin
I'm Bellin



If you see me saggin
Don't say nothing
It's just the way we bell

When you see these Chucks
You know I don't give a $#&@
It's just the way we bell

Roll them in
Wrote this song again
Pull them out and let them glide
Hang them high

Put them hankies in the sky
Out of town ^!$$%s what you need
Hit me
Get with me
Get tuned in to the realist ^!$$% in this city
And if you came to LA
You never reached out and touched us

Trust us
Then you must have been $#&@ing with bustas
Hell yeah, I said it
I'm a hog in this %#@!
Cause my before me was none of this walking %#@!
Keep it real
When I was skipping on Benzos and Navies
Ya'll was in tight $$# pants with murphys in your khakis
Now all of a sudden
^!$$%s start super crippin
So ^!$$% taste these slugs
^!$$% tuck in your chain and your tail in
And shut the $#&@ up and make way for these fellas
^!$$%, I'm bellin

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