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WC lyrics : "Bang Loose"

(feat. Dr. Stank, DeVil, Lady T)

[Dr. Stank]

Off that ignorant, belligerent
Gorilla people like mugilla
From the chickens liver stanky rivers like kitty liver

Take my finger out your putang you smelly funkadelic
With funkadelic reteric for you relics
(The buffalo fake the ^!$$% street sweeper)

The Grim reaper's grim reaper
I'm a Don like Magic Juan, off that sauvignon
The game sprays out of my mouth, like a can of Krylon

Riverside to Saigon, I'm killing each track I rhyme on
You had tights on like you had nylons on
Boogie banga funked out panty stainer

Ghetto enough to get TV reception with a coat hanger
Smell me

(It's the [?] words man)
Fake comedy for my accident done on purpose
About to set the fly one

Down with the ghetto Hiesman
I'll serve ^!$$%z in the third person
Don't even try it

[Chorus: x2]
Vaboom, he's back to putting in work

Vaboom, to make your neck and head jerk
Make'em bang-bang
Make'em all move

Do the damn thing
My ^!$$%z bang loose

Hawk it's the big hawk

Ready to chalk
With the boom ping, ping
That make the Dre swing, swing

Flipped and slipped and clipped equipped the trigger
Hit. Click, click, click, click, click
^!$$%, dissa, stealer, scrilla

Did-a-any-body kill her?
I'm blasting
None of them like Danskin

Closing caskets
Put my LA throat back on

It's back on and getting cheddar
In my ride with the blue feather
In Linen

Strolling with the vengeance
And when I make that gun clap
(*##$ ^!$$%z roll like pigeons

So if you claiming than brang it
And be about the drama
It's WC and I ain't your mama


^!$$% make way for the big bomber
Mr. all night rider

Original bang hand glider
Scuffing up Chucks swiftly
Looking for a spot launch that mini-mat

And that's a hard hat
Do it till I get you
Pistol grip whip you

^!$$% your pitiful
Picture me back burner material

Scraped off Serial numbers and brought (??)
Ditching your block when live while you work
Cause it ain't no half repping

Either you riding or not
@@#! it or keep stepping
Come on
Feel the breeze
What, y'all ain't know?

I got a squad so cold
We freeze all area codes
They need this - real Gs
Critical thesis
bound to break %#@! down to quarter pieces

For real
DeVil the boss under the Dub
Giving orders to chickens and thugs

[Lady T]
It ain't no (*##$ in this industry that flow like me
Matter fact, it ain't to many ^!$$%z that can see me
For sure, I've been none to loc for way too long
Now the spot lights on me, so believe me its on

Its funny the way I'm hated
Always underrated
But ya'll hoes couldn't come with it if you !@(#d
^!$$%z wanna test me - I wish you would
Lyrics bang more harder than ^!$$%z bang they hood
I come thru unexpected like the in Vietnam grenades

Got so much heat I make the Devil run for shade
This ain't no game ^!$$%
So, don't $#&@ with T
Mess around and be headlining on Unsolved Mysteries
I got warrants for my arrest by the FBDs
For pushing off(??) trying to take these keys
A female fely in Burberry

Picking up money from the commissary
Don't $#&@ with Terry
(Chorus x4)

WC...Dr. Stank....DeVil...Lady T

Swang on

Swang on

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