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WAYNE WONDER lyrics : "Glad You Came My Way"

Aww baby (aww baby)
Ohhhh (oooooooo) baby
Wayne Wonder, for the ladies


[Verse 1:]

What I feel, girl I know it's oh so real
When you're next to me
There's no other place I'd rather be

She close my mind, she knows just how to set me free
She makes my find complete

[Chorus 1:]
Always satisfy my every need
Girl you're good to go, follow my lead

Like an open book, it is there to read
You truly make my life complete

[Chorus 2:]
Glad you came, glad you came my way
Came my way with your love

Swept away, girl I'm swept away
Swept away in your love (aww baby)

[Verse 2:]
She's my friend and my lover till the end
Can't pretend, she's got a love with a perfect plan

I'm telling you again, what the doctor recommends
For you my love exerts

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

Girl I've got no doubts about it

The day you came into my life
No regrets, there's no excuses
No doubts about, no doubts about it

[Chorus 2: till end]

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