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Wayne Newton lyrics : "Shirl Girl"

(shirl) girl, if you'd only let me love you
(shirl) girl, i would place no one above you
(shirl) girl, i will dedicate my life to loving you

(shirl) girl, with your lips so sweet and tender
(shirl) girl, if you ever should surrender

(shirl) girl, say it's me you'd surrender to

You're not too young to understand

That i need you so
And if you let me love your way
I'll never let you go

(shirl) girl, i'm beggin' you sincerely
(shirl) girl, i can see the day so clearly

(shirl) girl, the day you make my dreams come true
Ohh i'm sure, girl, i believe

Ohh ohh shirl, girl i need you
I need you, i love you

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