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Wayne Brady lyrics : "Ordinary"

All of our friends keep saying we should be more social
Cuz we keep to ourselves most of the time
They just don't understand what we've got going on

Cuz a love like this is so hard to find
Don't want to live by no one else's designs
Though every day ain't glamorous; To me it's just fine

Unperfect the way that we are...oooh


Nothing ordinary bout the way I feel
Nothing un-extraordinary this is real
Don't need to reach for the stars

Happy here on earth in our beautiful ordinary life
I love my beautiful ordinary life...with you

(Verse 2)

Why don't we spend the day, doing a lot of nothing?

Cuz anything's alright long as I'm with you...Baby
We don't need special plans, don't need no reservations
Cuz my favorite place is right here with you

Don't want to live my life any other way
Cuz baby, it's the simple things that can't be replaced
Unperfect the way that we are....


Like watching you sleep, the way that your paint your toes
The crazy way we, count to three before we hang up the phone
See the life that I live, is so much better girl when you're here with me

Nothing, nothing....


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