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Wayne Brady lyrics : "Back in the day"

La, La, La, La, La, La, La... Woo!

See this song ain't for everybody

only the sexy people
you know who you are

Aaaaah! Hey Baby!

Ya, Ya Ya, Ya, Ya

I'mma take you back to the 80s
check this out

This beat makes me reminisce
takes me back to our first kiss

carved our names on a big oak tree
I heart you and you heart me
New edition on the radio

I had a Commodore 64
We use to sit close on my bedroom floor
but mama never let us close the door

We use to hang outside until the lights came on
thought I was fresh to death with my Adidas on
You'd kiss me on the cheek, I had a silly smile on

Where has the time gone


I loved you since
Thundercats, Thundercats, Thundercats, HO!
Back when MTV played music videos

you told me get a jheri curl, mama said no
That's how long I've loved you
remember when I use to have a high top fade

back when you use to rock a dooky braid
friendship bracelets in the 8th grade
I loved you since back in the day

Everyday after school
I'd pop, you'd lock, we'd act a fool

I was at your house, you was at mine
Cosby Show at 8, Diff'rent World at 9
Motown 25, Michael moon walked for the very first time

Meet you at the rink on Friday night
We'd rock, we'd skate, hold hands real tight
Girl you would look so cute with your Jordache on

bet that you could still put those same jeans on
kiss me now and I'll have that silly smile on
girl you still turn me on and on and on, on, on

{repeat chorus}

Now everybody you know how we use to do in the parties back in the day
You know how we use to do, stand right here, I'mma stand right here
we all get in a line and we all be like uh

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
without an old school jam to step to
remember when we'd do the Whop

the whole crowd drop, do the Robo Cop
go girl do the Cabbage Patch
Jam Master J killing on the scratch

Members Only, Kid 'n' Play
that's how we did it back in the day...raaah!

{repeat chorus twice}

Party. There's a party over here

Party. There's a party over there
Party. There's a party over here

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