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Waylon Jennings lyrics : "waymore's blues"

Well, I woke up this mornin' it was drizzlin' rain

Around the curve come a passenger train

Heard somebody yodel and a hobo moan

Jimmy he's dead, he's been a long time gone

Been a long time gone, a long time gone

If you wanna get to Heaven, gotta D I E

You gotta put on your coat and T I E

Wanna get the rabbit out the L O G

You gotta make a cold motion like a D O G

Now like a D O G, like a D O G

Well, I got a good woman what's the matter with me

What makes me wanna love every woman I see

I was trifling when I met her now, I'm trifling again

And every woman she sees looks like a place I came in

Look like a place I came in, yeah, place I came in

I got my name painted on my shirt

I ain't no ordinary dude, I don't have to work

I don't have to work


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