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WAX lyrics : "Too Loud"

[Hook]Yeah, we too louuud
The police say we way to louuud
And all the divas say we way to louuud

That's why they trying to get my $$# thrown out
But we don't turn it down, we just crank it up
Standing on the roof screaming we don't give a $#&@

We like this %#@! loud, we let it bump
So if you turn it down you gonna get $#&@ed up

Yo, I put my speakers to 11 and I set em and forget em'
$#&@ the neighbors I ain't like em since the first time that I met em'
And I think I upset em' when I first pulled up

In the U-Haul truck, with the vol-ume all up
That same night they seen me chillin' on my roof all drunk
Urinatin' in the chimney, Santa Clause forgive me

My whole team's straight loud and obnoxious
Cops is at the door at 4 tryin' to stop us
You'd think we was holding you hostage

Over-weight blond chicks, in the kitchen starting up mosh pits
Known to shake weights, them hoes just break plates
Cooking like 8 steaks, looking like Kathy Bates

$#&@ the pretty %#@!, we a bunch of idiots
The decibel level go-en make the whole city (*##$
I party like I'm filthy rich

And if I spend it all tonight I won't feel no guiltiness

Suffering Succotash, Wax gotta bunch of cash
Now I'm the sucker $$#, $#&@ers in the upper class

Driving by me in a 350 Benz
I'd be in the the front yard in a drunk circle with my hicky friends
We coming one with the Earth

That !@!@&& nirvana man I've been grungy since birth
All that money is worthless if you ain't gonna spend it now
And you ain't said %#@! if you unless you said it louuud

I live fast like the the freaking hare
I ain't die young yet but I think I'm getting there
Like up in the diction-air-e, by the word rowdy

You gonna see my picture there, chillin' proud-ly
Say it loud like a proud James Brown
Or the Price Is Right announcer when a member of the crowd came down

He got that loud insane sound
If you feelin' like I'm feelin' sing it loud right nooow

If you rollin' down the street and you wylin' out to this beat
And you got that %#@! on repeat immediately you should (TURN IT UP)

If your significant other is (*##$in' cuz you're always listenin' to your heavy metal too loud (TURN IT UP)
If you're a musician and you listenin' to yo own %#@! be proud and play it loud (*##$ (TURN IT UP)
If you're complainin' and screamin' about what I'm sayin' and meanin' then take this plate of my !@&( and $#&@in'(SLURP IT UP)

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