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WAX lyrics : "Stay off my facebook"

I just updated my status
It says ''Big Wax is the mutha$#&@er baddest!''
On the wall come Katie from Missouri

Hits the Like button in hurry
Two minutes later, got a worry cause I checkes my message
And my girl wants to know who this (*##$ I had sex with is

I say who ? Up comes the box
Katie! caps lock
I type back girl it ain't like that

Katie is the girlfriend of my boy,
Mike that I knew from my Psych lab
He's a college buddy

She types OMG, I'm not a dummy!
Her status says ''single'' on the wall
Is that the girl go $#&@ed on tour last fall?

So I hit X, then I get the text, then I get a call
Then I get a tweet @ Big Wax $#&@ Ya'll
I hope you and Katie both die

Here's an E-Kite you should both fly
I should've just deleted my page
But the $#&@ that now, Ima need it get laid

Don't be posting nothin' up on my wall

Stay off my facebook
Stay offa my facebook
And don't be tagg'n me in nothin' at all

Stay off my facebook
Get up offa my facebook
And now my girlfriend wants to chop off my balls

Stay off my facebook
Stay off my facebook
It just makes it oh so easy stalk

Stay off my facebook
(*##$, get off my facebook

Drunk pictures, fuh at the show

Not cool to everyone that you know
I just had a job interview, it woulda been great look
Interviewer called me and said he saw my facebook

He said I ain't gettin the position,
due to the picture of me naked in the kitchen
with a bong in my hand that I just got tagged in

All my friends makin up their own fake captions
One read that's Mike to the T!
and that's the one that was typed by me

What ever happened to privarcy?
My mom got a page just to spy on me
When the first friended me I $#&@in' hated it

She thinks everythings' some drug-related %#@!
What are those little smiely faces for ?
Damn it! I should've just hit ignore

Yeah, I'm 'bout to bite the bullet
Delete my page, yeah, tonight I better do it
Make a fake page with a wrong name

and just use it to stalk my ex and play that farm game

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