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WATSKY : Moral of the Story lyrics

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WATSKY lyrics : "Moral of the Story"

I write till my fingers look like a bouquet of roses
you gotta bring yourself your flowers now in show biz
focus it's Quiet Coyote come on let's go kids

everybody get together with a study buddy and then talk about then $#&@ that I don't give
Because it's so big and explosive
but a lotta people don't live

they don't ever get a motive
but if you got a goal you gotta hold onto it that what hope is
If I didn't have it I would ask you where the rope is

work is my church and so the studio's the closest
I spit it sick until my cootie flow's the grossest
don't be so pissed just be focused on your own %#@!

cause we supercalifornialisticsexyandweknowsit/
you're not my business
I go for number one, not a top five finish

you can have a chicken pot pie
but I'm thinking that I'm gonna have another can of Popey's spinach
I'm rotweiler

pop my collar
when I pop my fur
you're on my nerves

mark my words
gotta put a leg up and then mark my turf

Work until I'm black and yellow black and yellow, worker bee
I just work until I'm black and blue and burgundy

Burgundy, work until I earn that rich mahogany
honestly, can't you tell I'm working, (*##$ don't bother me
show some modesty, if you're watching me/

a (*##$ is anybody in my way it's not misoginy
But if yer blocking me
I will soon defeat you

build a bridge above you
Or I'll tunnel underneath you
I will eat you and excrete you and I'll feed you to the flowers

If I need to I will go right through you and absorb your powers
I put in hour after hour let's be crystal clear
I'll gonna get there if it takes a day or fifty years/

I finger bang my fears
I'll $#&@ing punch a dragon
Even with the Himalayas in my way it's gonna happen

Waiting doesn't work, and praying may not come through
And hoping doesn't work. So I will be the one to (work)

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