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WATSKY : Cardboard Castles lyrics

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WATSKY lyrics : "Cardboard Castles"

On the curb again
On the curb again
I've come to learn at least it's firm

Out on the curb again


I'm in my room making cardboard castles
with shoestring rope
Soup spoon drawbridge

tinfoil moat
I'm still dreaming after all these years

Verse 1
because if we don't build it who will?

I do things on a shoestring that you couldn't do for a cool mil
I run with no laces
And when I fall I start

to build my Taj Mahal with %#@! I found at dollarmart
this life's our greatest project
the journey's all an art

But I built my perfect nest
And it's bout to fall apart
Again and again and then I just I make it twice as high

And I give my tower teeth
And I watch it bite the sky
Because I might just cry if I don't keep it moving

I focus on what I can make and not what just got ruined
Cause every stone will crumble down to dust to to dust (it must)
And I say love thy neighbor

And I say $#&@ thy hater
There' s nothing I can't solve with duct tape and construction paper
I don't want a band aid, I'll only rip it off


Verse 2
I know someday I'll pass
And maybe then rest

Im laying on my back
Heaven's my bench press
Cause my imagination is crazy as Glenn Beck

A cloud is floating by in the shape of a rent check
And when the world ends, that's what I'll plan towards
Then I'll trust girlfriends and maybe landlords

Cause I been played but I'm looking for more
I say, what would I gain if took it to court
Cause if, If people were perfect then there wouldn't be war

we stay pushing but once we get a foot in the door
we get our toes chopped off
and a foot of manure

I still gotta believe people are good at the core
cause if we weren't, what's at stake
why would we stay to break what we make

And create all these beautiful mistakes
when they blow our house down let's draw on the walls

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