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WATSKY lyrics : "All I Need is One"

One tape in the deck
One way to connect (all I need is one)

One moment alone
One reason to roam
One place I call home (all I need is one)

One tick on the clock
One trick up my sleeve
One thing to believe (all I need is one)

One person to love
One verse and one prayer
For one person who cares (all I need is one)

So put one hand in the air

[Verse 1]

It used to be I'd get afraid and I'd drive
Going forward's always been the only place I can hide
With no direction I would speed a hundred miles down the coast

Until I lose the ghost that's chasing me but never arrive
I know the night's scary, but we're alive and the pipe's cherry
And I've got a stack of papers like a library

I'm driving seeking a beacon of light freakishly
All I needed was a speaker that might speak to me
But my CD system is so janky a cone dangles

And it dances on its chord like it's Bo Jangles
You can work it if you hold it at a low angle
But when the bass hits it grows tangled

Come on right speaker! I'll take everything you give me
But don't pity me, there's people living on a single kidney
In my %#@!ty car I'm living large and mashing through my city

Sitting pretty I know
That I'm ready to go


[Verse 2]

For beautiful babies in Vegas on their last chip
For all my ninth life kittens hittin' catnip
For heavy drinkers thinking they were never jack %#@!

You're thinking that's it, but hit a backflip
You got a cracked rib or, maybe a bad liver
You got a bad hip or even a bad temper

But if it's last supper, one legged mad leper
Put on that glass slipper, you ain't no half stepper
This ain't no last breath, it's only one collapsed lung

We're holding up the bank with nothing but a cap gun
Down to your last blank
Down to my last drop

Up in the gas tank
We better have fun
Time isn't a sacred cow

And I'm willing to take it down to the final minute or second, milking my last one
Going up for a take and I'm itching for action
All I need is one

I should remind myself that
All I need is one


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