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Watchout Theres Ghosts lyrics : "Sleeping At The Movies"

[Verse 1]
The ocean beaches, the pictures taken
What happened to all those memories?

The constant guilt, my heart can't take it
Sold myself, now I can't replace this

Could we turn around, where we are somehow
Forget what we've done (cause it don't matter now)
Our past is needless, our future's helpless

Just stop, babe please (how can we can fix this?)


Forgive you, forgive me, I'm far more than sorry
So teach me, ill teach you how we'll end the story
Forgive you, forgive me, I think fate is calling

So save me now, we'll start again somehow
Let's start again right now

[verse 2]
Driving too you now, its been a long while
Since I made my way across the bridge

I've got a vision, a map, a mission
So pack your remorse and seize the end

A purpose with a promise dear, let's up and disappear
Hide away from everyone and everything here
Inside the sheets, the smoke, the drinks

Let's use our hands, we don't even have to speak


I know you feel, feel the same
And every day's another way
We gave it here, and lost it there

I can't go farther, further, where
It's too familiar, smell your humor
Passing through like unlocked rumors

Let me in, just let me in
Just let me, let me... in


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