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Watchout Theres Ghosts lyrics : "Remember Me, Oh God, For Good"

[Verse 1]
I hold your back against my chest
Rest my lips gently on your neck

Watch you stir so peacefully
I wonder if you're dreaming of me

Hello, hello, can I get you something?
Goodbye, goodbye, cause he gave you nothing

But you know I would
Yeah you know I would

How am I supposed to keep
All to myself when I can see

Everything that I could ever need
Is standing right in front of me

[Verse 2]
Keep a piece of you so close to me
So when I sing this song you feel my grief

Every night on this $#&@ing stage
So far from you, but so close to fame



When you're gone the days seem so long

Time keeps ticking but I can't move on
But when you're here it all becomes so clear
I'm only happy when you're near



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