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Watchout Theres Ghosts lyrics : "I'll Take Famous Murders For 500"

[Verse 1]
Last night I woke up to you talking in your sleep
Describing a room I've never smelt, I've never seen

Here we go again, the rollercoaster breaks and bends

I lifted up your shirt, saw the scratches on your back

You said you never would, but a scar's a proven fact
Come with me let's drive
Take a trip where heaven lies

Smile and wave, you're on your way

To hell and back girl you know you're drowning
With heavy heart you sank too far
To hell and back in a sea of deadly sin

I can see you sinking in
In a sea of deadly..

[Verse 2]
Today I woke up to the static on the screen
Looked left then right, then screamed in relief

Where has your body gone?
Where has your body gone?

I took my time, yeah I took it slow
Peeled off your scabs before I let you go
Into the waves I'm cursed

Your shallow sin reversed




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